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YouTube Tests Google Lens Integration for Image-Based Searches

YouTube is testing a new feature that integrates Google Lens into the YouTube app, allowing users to search for video content based on images.

When the feature is available, users will see a Google Lens icon next to the search bar in the YouTube app. Tapping this icon will open the Google Lens camera, enabling users to take a photo of an object or scene.

YouTube will then provide relevant video results based on the image, in addition to the option to “Search on Google” for more information.

This integration could be helpful in various scenarios, such as:

  • Identifying objects and finding related video explanations
  • Searching for information on landmarks or locations by taking a photo
  • Discovering video content that provides more context about what the user is looking at

The feature is currently being tested with a small percentage of YouTube users on Android devices. YouTube has not provided a timeline for a wider rollout.

The image-based search integration leverages Google’s computer vision capabilities through Lens, and could provide new ways for users to discover video content on YouTube based on visual inputs, rather than just text-based searches.

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