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TikTok Adds Option to Download Clips Without Watermark

TikTok has updated its video download feature to make it easier for creators to reuse their clips on other platforms.

When saving a video, users now have the option to “post to save without watermark.” This means they can upload the video to TikTok first, and then download it without the TikTok watermark visible.

This new option addresses an issue where a visible watermark can restrict the use of TikTok videos on other apps like Instagram or YouTube. Now creators can repurpose their TikTok content across different social media platforms more easily.

Previously, TikTok has allowed users to download videos without a watermark, but this required an extra step of using TikTok’s own editing tool, CapCut.

The new in-app option streamlines the process, while still ensuring TikTok gets credit for the original content. This helps the platform protect its interests, while making life simpler for creators.

The new “save without watermark” feature is available in the latest version of the TikTok app. It gives users more flexibility to utilize their short-form video content across multiple social media channels.

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