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TikTok Integrates Commercial Music Library with Adobe Express

TikTok has expanded its integration with Adobe Express, allowing users to access over a million copyright-free songs and sounds from TikTok’s Commercial Music Library directly within the Adobe Express app.

This update makes it easier for Adobe Express users to create TikTok content from start to finish. They can now access TikTok’s creation tools, analytics, and now the licensed music library, all within the Adobe Express platform.

TikTok explained the benefits of this integration:

“With the Commercial Music Library as part of the Symphony Assistant add-on, Adobe Express users can take their TikTok content to the next level, quickly and easily. A social media team can leverage trending TikTok songs, a small business can find the ideal soundtrack for a grand opening, and marketers can explore music trends to identify the right match for their campaigns.”

The integration builds on TikTok’s previous addition of its Creative Assistant into Adobe Express, further streamlining the TikTok content creation process for users of the Adobe platform.

While users may still be limited to using only the licensed commercial music library, rather than every trending song, this integration provides Adobe Express users with a more comprehensive set of TikTok-specific tools and assets to create engaging video content for the platform.

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