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TikTok Introduces Virtual Influencers for Brands

TikTok is launching a new feature called “Symphony” that will allow businesses to create their own virtual influencers to promote products on the platform.

The virtual influencers will come in two forms:

  1. Stock Avatars – Pre-made digital characters based on licensed actors and personalities.
  2. Custom Avatars – Brands or creators can generate avatars that resemble themselves or their representatives.

These virtual influencers will be able to stream content and engage with TikTok users 24/7, potentially selling products in a more “immersive and authentic” way, according to TikTok.

The concept of virtual influencers is already popular in China on TikTok’s sister app, Douyin. AI-powered digital hosts have gained traction, with the ability to livestream continuously and sell thousands of dollars worth of goods daily.

Creating these virtual influencers is also becoming more cost-effective, with startups and tech companies offering the service for around $1,000 to clone a human streamer.

The virtual influencers will use AI to mimic scripted messaging and interact with users, providing a new way for brands to engage audiences on TikTok.

While the idea of virtual influencers may seem unusual, TikTok believes this feature will enable new creative strategies and ways for brands to connect with users on the platform.

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