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Meta to Allow Influencers to Create AI Versions of Themselves

Meta is launching a new “AI Studio” platform that will let creators on Instagram build AI versions of themselves. These AI bots will be able to chat with fans and answer questions in the style of the creator.

The AI bots will have a special icon to signal that they are not the real person. Meta is also working on clear disclaimers to explain that users are talking to an AI, not the actual account holder.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the new AI Studio feature in an interview. He said it will enable creators to build an “AI agent” that can interact with their community. The bots will be able to provide factual answers, and also try to replicate the creator’s style for more creative responses.

While this could help creators manage fan interactions, there are concerns about the potential for deception. Zuckerberg acknowledged they are still working on the disclosure elements to make it clear when someone is talking to an AI versus the real person.

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