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YouTube Supercharges Creator Experience with QR Codes, Shorts Effects, and More

YouTube is testing several new features for its platform:

QR Codes for Channels

YouTube is experimenting with adding QR codes for channel pages. This will make it easier for creators to share their channel with others, as users can simply scan the QR code instead of copying and pasting the channel link.

User-Generated Shorts Effects

YouTube is giving a small group of creators the ability to design and publish their own custom effects for YouTube Shorts. All creators will be able to use these user-generated effects in their Shorts videos.

Expanded “Jump Ahead” Feature

YouTube is also expanding its “Jump Ahead” feature, which uses AI to suggest relevant sections within longer videos.

Other Updates

Additionally, YouTube is testing the ability to @mention other channels in comments, and expanding its test of a payment details view within YouTube Studio to support more currencies.

These new experiments and features are aimed at making YouTube more engaging and accessible for both creators and viewers.

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