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X Unveils Stories, Powered by Grok AI, to Provide Summarized News

X, formerly known as Twitter, has launched a new feature called Stories, which provides summarized news content using Grok AI, an AI chatbot developed by Elon Musk. X’s Premium subscribers can now read summaries of posts associated with trending stories on the For You tab in the Explore section of the app. The For You page displays popular news and stories within a user’s network, making it a convenient way to stay updated without scrolling through the entire timeline.

When users tap on a story, they will see a summary at the top of the page that provides an overview of the subject matter. For instance, if there is a story about AI burnout, the summary might mention the challenges faced by AI engineers due to the competitive nature of the tech industry. The summary also includes a disclaimer that Grok, the AI chatbot, can make mistakes, encouraging users to verify its outputs.

While the idea of summarizing trends is not new, X’s approach sets it apart. Previously, Twitter added headlines and descriptions to trends but without the assistance of an AI bot. With Grok’s Stories, all the top news on the For You page is summarized.

Access to Grok is a selling point for X’s premium subscriptions. Subscribers can access Grok by tapping on the designated button in the app. Grok differentiates itself from other AI chatbots by having exclusive and real-time access to X data.

Grok’s Stories are currently being rolled out to Premium X subscribers. Premium subscriptions start at $8 per month for web users.

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