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Meta Introduces New AI-Powered Ad Tools at NewFronts 2024

Meta recently announced a series of new ad tools during NewFronts 2024. These tools aim to enhance advertising capabilities, including improved creator search for affiliate campaigns, multi-destination product ads for Reels, and more.

One of the updates is the addition of machine learning-powered creator recommendations in Instagram’s Creator Marketplace. This feature will help brands find the most suitable creators for their campaigns based on audience similarity, topic relevance, and other signals.

Brands will also have expanded options for filtering and searching creators based on various attributes, making it easier to find the right partners for affiliate campaigns.

Meta is also testing an AI-based tool that predicts which organic brand content will perform best when used in paid campaigns as a partnership ad.

In addition, Meta is extending its AI “Image Expansion” option for Advantage+ creative to Reels campaigns. This feature allows marketers to adapt their creative elements to fit different formats, providing more flexibility and utilizing Meta’s AI capabilities.

Meta is launching multi-destination product ads for Reels as well. These ads will display relevant product matches from a brand’s catalog to each user, creating a swipeable display of product images and increasing user engagement based on their in-app behavior.

Furthermore, Meta is introducing a new element to its “Reminder Ads” by allowing brands to include external links to new products or sales. This enhancement provides more functionality to Reminder promotions, enabling users to learn about upcoming events and products directly within the stream.

These updates bring valuable enhancements to Meta’s advertising offerings. While they may not be groundbreaking, they offer specific advantages and have the potential to save significant time if they deliver as Meta expects.

Meta has begun rolling out these new updates, starting from today.

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