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Snapchat Introduces New Generative AI Features 

Snapchat has unveiled several new features to enhance user engagement and connectivity within the app, with a particular focus on generative AI.

One notable addition is the ability for users to create custom clothing for their Bitmoji avatars using AI prompts. By providing a brief description, Snapchatters can generate unique patterns such as “vibrant graffiti” or “skull flower” that can be applied to their Bitmoji characters. Users can then edit and customize their digital garments, offering a fun and creative outlet for the popular Bitmoji feature.

In addition, Snapchat is integrating reminders into its “My AI” chatbot, effectively transforming it into a digital assistant. Users can request reminders for upcoming deadlines or initiate countdowns to special events. With a simple message, My AI will set up an in-app Countdown feature, ensuring important moments are not missed.

These new generative AI features and DM editing capabilities provide Snapchat users with more ways to personalize their experience and make the most of the app’s features.

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