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LinkedIn Introduces In-Stream Games Featuring User Rankings for Friendly Competition

LinkedIn has officially launched its new in-stream games, aimed at providing professionals with a break from their workday. The puzzle games are designed to offer a moment of relief while increasing in-app engagement.

According to LinkedIn, the goal is to bring professionals together and facilitate connections. The games are intended to exercise the brain and spark conversations, banter, and healthy competition among users worldwide.

The platform is launching three games initially: Pinpoint, a word association game; Queens, a logic game; and Crossclimb, a trivia game. Each game will have a daily edition, ensuring they don’t take up too much time. A scoreboard will display scores and performance stats, allowing users to compare their performance with connections, companies, and schools.

While the move may seem unrelated to LinkedIn’s mission of connecting professionals to economic opportunities, it is expected to boost engagement and provide a competitive distraction during the workday. Similar puzzle games, like Worldle and HQ Trivia, have garnered significant attention and participation.

By experimenting with games, LinkedIn aims to increase its already record levels of engagement. While it might raise questions about alignment with the platform’s broader mission, the focus remains on driving engagement numbers.

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