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Pinterest Introduces "Media Buyer" Certification Course

Pinterest Introduces “Media Buyer” Certification Course

Pinterest has expanded its Pinterest Academy by introducing a new certification course called “Media Buyer.” This course is now available to all users and aims to help media professionals demonstrate their expertise in utilizing Pinterest for advertising purposes. The Media Buyer certification is free for all Pinterest Academy subscribers.

Pinterest Introduces "Media Buyer" Certification Course
Pinterest Introduces "Media Buyer" Certification Course 1

According to Pinterest, the Media Buyer Certification exam assesses an individual’s knowledge and practical experience with Pinterest’s advertising platform. By obtaining this certification, marketers can differentiate themselves in a competitive industry and advance their careers with a recognized standard of advertising excellence set by Pinterest.

To become certified, participants must pass a multiple-choice exam consisting of 60 questions. The exam covers various topics including campaign activation, optimization, and ads reporting. A score of 70% or higher is required to achieve certification. In the event of failure, participants must wait for two weeks before attempting the exam again.

Pinterest specifies that the exam is designed for media buyers with two to five years of experience, including one to two years of specific experience using Pinterest advertising tools. This new certification course is the latest addition to Pinterest’s education platform, which was initially launched in 2019. The platform provides valuable resources to enhance Pin knowledge and allows users to showcase their expertise through certifications and badges.

With over 518 million monthly active users on Pinterest, many of whom have a strong intent to make purchases, it is worthwhile for marketers to expand their understanding of Pinterest and optimize their campaigns on the platform.

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