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Meta Expands Verification for Business Subscription Package

Meta is introducing new features and expanding access to its Verification for Business subscription package for brands. This package allows businesses to purchase a blue checkmark for their Facebook and/or Instagram profiles. Initially available in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, the verification option is now accessible to businesses in Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Peru, France, and Italy.

Meta is introducing new subscription packages with varying price points. These packages offer a range of benefits for businesses. The prices displayed as crossed out are the regular costs, while the lower prices are introductory offers for new subscribers or a 20% discount for brands verifying both their Facebook and Instagram profiles simultaneously. After a year, the regular prices will apply. The highest-priced tier costs $499 per month for an individual profile or $699.98 per month for both Facebook and Instagram profiles.

Each Verification for Business package includes a verified badge, enhanced account support (with more options for higher tiers), and impersonation monitoring. Additionally, depending on the chosen package, businesses can enjoy features like enhanced profiles with multiple business links, search optimization to appear prominently in search results, being featured in dedicated “Meta Verified” business display units, links in Reels, employee impersonation protection, customized messaging chats, and account reviews from Meta experts for top-tier subscribers.

These new add-ons come with higher price points, so businesses need to consider whether the benefits are worth the investment. Deciding to spend $500 per month for the full suite of Meta Business add-ons for a brand’s Facebook presence requires careful consideration.

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