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YouTube Simplifies Ad Campaigns Within Youtube Studio

YouTube has made it easier for creators to promote their videos. The platform now offers a simplified ad campaign setup option directly within YouTube Studio, rather than the more complex process through Google Ads.

In the Promotions tab of YouTube Studio, creators can now launch a campaign to boost the reach of any of their uploaded videos. This includes simplified targeting and setup options.

The new YouTube Promotions feature is available to all channels that meet the requirements for Advanced features and have more than 1,000 subscribers.

YouTube explains that creators have used promotions to:

  • Grow views and subscribers faster
  • Get more views on content showcasing a product or service, with the goal of increasing sales
  • Reach a specific audience, such as a new country

These promotions are in addition to a channel’s organic reach and discovery on YouTube. Any subscriber or watch time gains from ads won’t count towards YouTube Partner program eligibility.

The new YouTube Promotions feature is currently available on desktop, and is also being tested in the mobile app.

This simplified ad campaign creation within YouTube Studio is similar to Facebook’s Boost option for posts, making it easier for creators to give their content a boost and reach a wider audience.

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