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TikTok Tests New AI-Moji Digital Avatars

TikTok is experimenting with a new feature called “AI-moji,” where selected users are invited to create cartoonish avatars by scanning their faces. Social media expert Matt Navarra shared an example of this feature, indicating that some users have had access to it for a while, but TikTok is now expanding its availability to more regions.

Upon tapping the “Get Started” prompt, users are guided through the process of scanning their faces, resulting in the generation of a personalized digital character. These avatars can be used to react to Stories, messages, and as stickers in chats, similar to the avatar stickers available on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, or Snap’s Bitmoji. The difference is that AI powers TikTok’s AI-moji feature.

TikTok has been actively exploring various AI integrations, including chatbots, search tools, music generation, and profile picture options. The introduction of AI-moji adds another dimension to the platform’s AI-driven capabilities.

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