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TikTok Tests 60-Minute Video Uploads

TikTok is currently testing a new feature that allows some users to upload videos up to 60 minutes long. The platform has been gradually increasing video length limits over time, starting from 15 seconds at its launch.

Creators have been requesting longer video options to share narratives, such as cooking demos, beauty tutorials, educational lessons, and comedy sketches. TikTok aims to cater to these requests and provide more opportunities for creators to express themselves.

While there is demand from creators, it remains uncertain whether viewers will engage with hour-long videos on the app. Meta’s discouragement of longer Reels on Instagram suggests that shorter videos are more popular among users.

However, TikTok aims to expand its platform and become a larger hub for entertainment. They have previously launched programs to incentivize longer landscape videos, and the Chinese version of TikTok, called Douyin, has encouraged longer videos as well.

By allowing longer videos, TikTok may increase its competition with platforms like YouTube, as it opens up more monetization possibilities through pre and mid-roll ads. Currently, TikTok has limited monetization options, so this move could motivate creators to establish their presence on the app as their primary channel.

While the motivation behind the feature may be to align with other platforms and enhance monetization, the ultimate response and adoption by TikTok’s user base remain to be seen.

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