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Meta Announces Shutdown of ‘Workplace’

Meta, the company behind Facebook, has announced that it is shutting down its “Workplace” platform, which was designed for internal communication within organizations. Workplace provided a familiar Facebook-like interface for professionals to collaborate and reduce the need for training on other tools. While it had gained popularity with seven million paying users in 2021, Meta has decided to focus on AI and metaverse technologies for the future and cut costs.

Meta has confirmed that over the next two years, Workplace customers will have the option to transition to Zoom’s Workvivo product, which is Meta’s preferred migration partner. So if you’re currently using Workplace, you will have some time before it is fully removed and you’ll need to adapt to a new internal communications system.

With this move, Meta no longer has to address concerns about data security and convince workplaces to adopt its platform. This change allows Meta to concentrate on its other projects. The timeline for Workplace’s deprecation is that it will remain operational until September 2025, then become read-only until May 2026, and eventually be shut down completely.

By 2026, the metaverse is expected to become the primary medium for communications.

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