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Instagram Advises Against Posting Longer Reels for Better Performance

Instagram’s content team has issued an important note to creators on the platform. According to Instagram, posting Reels longer than 90 seconds can actually harm your reach and performance within the app.

This piece of advice was shared by Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri and the Instagram team at a recent creator event in New York. They presented a slide indicating that Reels exceeding 90 seconds in length can negatively impact distribution.

On the flip side, Instagram warns that posting content not created by you, using watermarked content from other apps, engaging in baiting tactics, and sharing low-quality content can all harm your reach. Additionally, posting Reels longer than 90 seconds is discouraged.

This raises the question: “Why does Instagram even allow Reels longer than 90 seconds if they advise against them?”

To clarify, the current maximum length for Reels created within the app is 90 seconds, although longer clips can be uploaded. Instagram has been experimenting with 3-minute and 10-minute Reels uploads, but it seems these experiments have not yielded positive results, hence the advice to refrain from doing so.

Regardless, this note is relevant and may impact your approach to posting on Instagram.

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